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Life is short, so why live in pain and misery? Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that can be detrimental to you and everyone around you, hurting personal relationships. At Costa Colina, we offer residential mental health treatment for a variety of mental health problems, like depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and other mental health diagnoses.

Treatment we provide

At Costa Colina, we specialize in mental health treatment. Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, or another mental illness, we provide expert care. Our clinicians have the expertise and knowledge to create treatments specific to the mental, emotional, and/or behavioral health disorders that you are struggling with, including the following:

We are committed to help you enjoy optimal living with good mental health. Each treatment plan is devised according to the clients’ specific presenting symptoms and diagnoses, level of severity and targeted needs and goals. Evidence-based and experiential techniques are provided in a healing, serene environment, where women peacefully strengthen their emotional and mental resilience.

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Your mental health treatment is our top priority and primary focus. In our mental healthcare program, our team works in synergy, to provide you with the best mental healthcare possible in a pleasant and peaceful environment so you can get on the road to recovery. We provide client-centered behavioral health therapies designed for your needs and goals.

Once enrolled in our residential mental health treatment program, we’ll help you heal, recover and transition to a healthy body and mind so you can live your best life.

We are confident we can provide you with the treatment that you need to achieve long-term recovery. Our treatment programs are designed to help you live a happy today and a happier tomorrow. That is exactly why our programs encompass strategies and techniques that train your mind and body, as you learn to deal with issues that may arise, independently.

Expert-Designed Treatment

Our treatment programs for mental health disorders and behavioral problems are devised by industry-leading experts.

The Costa Colina team is comprised of experienced therapists, psychiatrist, licensed vocational nurses, licensed mental health clinicians, registered dietitian, yoga and fitness instructors, and other health and wellness professionals, established in their respective fields, and passionate about their role in your treatment.

We strive to deliver the best quality of mental healthcare with compassion to help you relax and experience a real recovery.

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There is hope, and we are here for you. The first step in your journey to recovery begins with seeking help. We have successfully helped many women, and we can help you too. Don’t wait for the pain to worsen. Reach out to us and call us today.

Contact us for a complimentary assessment. With Costa Colina, you can take charge of your life and live it to the fullest. You deserve to be happy and feel hope. If mental illness is not addressed, it can lead to more pain and misery. Don’t wait any longer. Take action today so you can get back to a happy life with the people you love.

For more information about our mental health treatment center, or for admission,
call (855) 912-9048 or email info@costacolina.com.

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Call (855) 912-9048 for a complimentary assessment,

and to discuss care options today!

Call (855) 912-9048 for a complimentary assessment, and to discuss care options!